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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Academic is moving on and we invite expressions of interest to become partners and increasingly guide our direction. For over 10 years we have promoted free at source academic research to applied linguistics students, teachers, teacher educators, decision-makers, supporting organisations and other researchers through our YouTube talks. It has been a fantastic journey and we are honoured to have reached out to many, many 1,000s from all over the world - we thank everyone for their brilliant support. For many years our talks, combined with social media outlets, put us at the forefront of our field for online continuing professional development. Our work began at a time when there was very little out there and when I (as founder and editor) was in full-time employment as a Senior Lecturer in TESOL at a British University. Much has been achieved and we are proud of the role that we have played in the newly emerging information age. More about is documented in this recent  article (Jarvis, 2017) and a  2015 interview at the IATEFL conference in Manchester. A great deal has changed over the last 10 years and there are now a plethora of free web sites, YouTube talks, webinars, blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, podcasts etc. Furthermore, whilst journal paywalls regrettably still exist there has nevertheless been significant improvement in access – arguably, it is easier to access knowledge today than it has ever been. On a more personal level in 2016 I made a positive choice to leave full-time higher education employment. For me this was a good move as I get to do all the things that I love about TESOL without any of the demotivating constraints - I consider myself very lucky. My work however very much continues and in this includes: external examining; online dissertation supervision; peer-reviewing; guest lectures, conference talks and webinars etc. For TESOL Academic now feels like the right time to put out feelers, hence I invite institutions, organisations, service providers, publishers or individuals to email with expressions of interest in becoming partners and guiding our direction. Please note that your emails will be used to decide whether there is sufficient common ground and\or synergies to warrant further discussions. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sponsor our work and get noticed with an exclusive premium banner. This slot was recently occupied by a British Council digital innovations award winner and is now available again. You your logo and core message could be here - our outreach is huge, our rates are reasonable, our endorsement is priceless!


We offer a range of pay services  and  have recently worked with: a British Council digital innovation award winner; a leading MA UK-provider; two publishers; several TESOL conferences and a private language school.  We have also promoted an event on  ‘(In)Formal Second Language Learning (ISLL): Integrating Informal Practices Into Formal Contexts’, which was part of the 2017-2018 British Association of Applied Linguistics and Cambridge University Press seminar series. Our outreach helped attract participants and discussion and it was clear from the mini-conference that this is a growing area within applied linguistics \ TESOL \ Language Education. We are happy to take a proactive role in continued discussion, we invite colleagues to read speaker abstracts together with biographies  and watch video excerpts from the four Keynote talks. The Twitter hash tag to post relevant links and comment on the work of others is #ISLL .  

We are proud of our  services track record. Endorsement on our website with its many 1,000s of visitors gets you noticed and aligns what you do to our pioneering work. A pro-active campaign with us taps into our massive social media outreach.  We look forward to the possibility of having you on board, if our standard Services don't quite match what you want please get in touch and we may be able to set up a bespoke package.  Try us, tap into our academic credibility and outreach -  support what we do and we will support you. We do it differently and at highly competitive prices.


Our talks are classified into three areas


Keynotes: cutting-edge leaders in the field talk about their work. 

Our Keynotes (pre 2014) has sixteen talks from: N. Spada; M. McCarthy; A. Holiday;  T. Rodgers; R. Phillipson; T. Lynch; V. Cook; A. Pennycook;  J. Jenkins; M. Cortazzi; P. Nation; D. Little; A. Tsui; D. Nunan;  A. Burns and K. Johnson.  

Our Keynotes (recent) section is currently occupied  by:  B. Tomlinson, S. Mercer, S. Thornbury, G. Flucher, J. Swales, D. Larsen-Freeman, R. Ellis and S. Krashen. More to follow!


Research-papers: authors talk about an article which they have had published in a leading language education

 peer-reviewed academic journal - nearly 50 talks to choose from!


Our Featured publications section provides a selective number of talks from authors who have published a TESOL-based text book.  We now also accept talks about EFL\ESL course book. Publishers pay a fee for this service.


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Get your work disseminated, discussed and critiqued. Guidelines for our speakers


We lead in social media for language education


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