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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) academic is a unique initiative in language education. For 10 years we have promoted free at source academic research to applied linguistics students, teachers, teacher educators, decision-makers, supporting organisations and other researchers through YouTube talks. Our social media outlets put us at the forefront of our field for online continuing professional development.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to TESOL-based knowledge building and we are pleased to offer, free of charge, help with the data gathering stages of your research.  

We offer a range of pay services   and are currently working with Swan Communication Limited  to promote the 3rd ed. of The Non-Native Teacher by Peter Medgyes.  Last year (2017) was our busiest ever and we are proud to have: secured a promotion commission from the winner of The British Council's best ELT digital innovation award; helped get participants to three international conferences and raised the profile of each event;  worked with two independent publishers to get their books to market; promoted an MA for a leading UK-provider; advised and assisted a language school seeking a senior manager.  Endorsement on our website with its 1,000s of visitors gets you noticed and aligns what you do to our pioneering work. A pro-active campaign with us taps into our massive social media outreach.  We are excited about  2018 and look forward to the possibility of having you on board.  Huw Jarvis also draws on his extensive experience to offer a research service for bids, journal submissions and Phd proposals.  Try us, tap into our academic credibility and outreach -  support what we do and we will support you. We do it differently and at highly competitive prices.

More about our work is available in this recent  article (Jarvis, 2017) and a  2015 interview at the IATEFL conference in Manchester.     


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Our talks are classified into three areas


Keynotes: cutting-edge leaders in the field talk about their work. 

Our Keynotes (pre 2014) sixteen talks from: N. Spada; M. McCarthy; A. Holiday;  T. Rodgers; R. Phillipson; T. Lynch; V. Cook; A. Pennycook;  J. Jenkins; M. Cortazzi; P. Nation; D. Little; A. Tsui; D. Nunan;  A. Burns and K. Johnson.  

Our Keynotes (recent) section is currently occupied  by:  B. Tomlinson, S. Mercer, S. Thornbury, G. Flucher, J. Swales, D. Larsen-Freeman, R. Ellis and S. Krashen. More to follow!


Research-papers: authors talk about an article which they have had published in a leading TESOL-based peer-reviewed academic journal - nearly 50 talks to choose from!


Our Featured publications section provides a selective number of talks from authors who have published a TESOL-based text book.  We now also accept talks about EFL\ESL course book. Publishers pay a fee for this service.


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We lead in social media for language education


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